How to Raise Your Spirits When the Chips are Down


I feel powerless in the face of the world’s problems, especially as those problems get close to home. My son at college was in the path of Hurricane Harvey. Las Vegas is not that far away from me. The shootings at the Charleston church and the violence at the Charlottesville rally still weigh heavily upon me.

I feel like a grain of sand on a mile-long beach—my impact’s that small. And I have to wonder if I’m showing up. I sign the petitions. I make the phone calls. But it feels so meager, so insignificant.

And then something—or someone—comes along and puts it all in perspective for me. That happened last week, on the Ellen show. She, too, had seen all the destruction and death in our country. She, too, was despairing. But what came to her, and what she shared on her show was simple: she simply chose to lift up those who live their lives in service to the world—the “good people” who do small things and big things to make the world a good place, a better place. For eight minutes that will make your heart shine again, go to this link to see what a difference one or two people can make.

Click here for Ellen’s hopeful take on humans.

What we do in our daily lives—no matter how small it may seem—makes a difference. Your being in this world, my being in this world makes a difference for the good. Show up for your life, practice being there for the small things…because these small things turn into big things before your very eyes. The ripple effect is powerful. The world is full of amazing people, and you are one of them.

To the goodness in us all,



Posted in inspiration on 10/12/2017 03:19 pm

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