How to Respond to the Tragedy


Tragedy strikes. And it breaks our heart open. Sometimes we get stretched beyond all reason, beyond all endurance, to the point of breaking. Seeing it, my heart goes out with compassion.


Compassion for ourselves, for our daily failures.

Compassion for others, for helplessness in the face of powers greater than human.

Compassion that comes from opening our hearts.


Tragedy breaks open our hearts. Are you willing to risk your heart by being witness to the pain of the world, without being overcome by it? Are you willing to do what is in your power to do—large or small? Are you willing to offer small sweetnesses to the world? The smallest kindness is critical for all of us. We need that human touch. We cannot go it alone.


Give help.

Ask for help.

Be warm-hearted.

Stand with those who are hurting.

Have compassion.

Be part of the healing.

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