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Tina Moody is an integrative psychotherapist with 35 years experience in clinical practice. Prior to establishing Life Practice Integrative Psychotherapy Center, she served as chaplain to hospitals, psychiatric facilities and prisons, as pastor to churches, and as an educator.

Sweet Relief from the Everyday Narcissist was Tina’s first book, offering validation and relief to those dealing with self-absorbed people in their lives. She’s an entertaining public speaker, straight shooter and “cut to the chase” problem solver.

Tina is a graduate of Texas Tech University, Duke Divinity School, The Fielding Graduate Institute, and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has nutritional certifications from WellPro International, LiveWell Internationa and the Sanoviv Health Advisor Program.

Tina has devoted her professional life to enhancing the lives of others as they learn to embrace their own life more fully, and helping people going beyond understanding what to do to grasping that essential element of how to do it. Personal growth, learning through relationship and authentic living continue to be her guiding motivation.


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