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Can You See the Invisible Disability?

Do you get angry with the blind man because he cannot see? The red-tipped cane marks his physical lack of sight. Are you personally insulted by his handicap? I’m truly curious. Do you accommodate gracefully offering thanks that “ but for the grace of God, there go I?” Or, do you assign blame that if […]

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What to do When Grief Strikes

It was 2006 at Easter Brunch out in the Texas Hill Country. Carol, a mom of my son’s classmate was grumbling about her dog, a young, yellow lab named Henry. They really loved him, but were very concerned that they’d have to give him away due to his escape artistry. “He jumps the fence all […]

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How to Respond to the Tragedy

  Tragedy strikes. And it breaks our heart open. Sometimes we get stretched beyond all reason, beyond all endurance, to the point of breaking. Seeing it, my heart goes out with compassion.   Compassion for ourselves, for our daily failures. Compassion for others, for helplessness in the face of powers greater than human. Compassion that […]

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