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“You Can Do It” A Letter to Myself

“You can do it.” I recall saying this to myself when I was going to Camp Fire Girls the first time. I loved the thought of camaraderie with a group of girls I didn’t know and who didn’t know me or my family. I felt a sense of freedom with them; I had nothing to […]

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How are You Framing Your Life?

Five years ago I wrote and published a book, Sweet Relief from the Everyday Narcissist. At the time, it was a heart-felt offering of support for people who find themselves stymied by their relationships with folks who are perpetually displeased with them. It was the “amen” to relationships I’d encountered that provided me a curriculum […]

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Rehearsing for 2016

  My inbox is full of notices on how to make 2016 bigger, better, more efficient, convenient, profitable and healthy. The volume is a bit overwhelming and verges on the ludicrous. True, the 2015 door will soon close, but…Is there something wrong with 2015? Is this the dress rehearsal for 2016? How many times have […]

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