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I Hate Being Scared….It Scares Me

There are no tigers in my back yard, no snakes about my feet. Yet there it is—that protective sense deep within that generates fear. It’s that link to my inheritance from the long line of those who have come before me—ancient cave dwellers, medieval servants, settlers on the frontier. Foes today don’t seem as obvious […]

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I Think I’ve Got It!

Well, I had it for a brief moment. Thank goodness I lived on a farm for 20 years. I learned to temper my frustration by accepting that maintenance takes the most time. By spending more time filling tanks, sharpening blades or replacing bolts than I spent mowing, I learned to slow down and take one […]

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Conversation with the Inner Child

Dear Guilty Inner Child o’mine, Hello there. I see you shrinking in the corner, hiding in the shadow. Yes, it’s true: you screwed up. We’ll get to what that was about in a bit. Right now, let’s get you on your feet and back to yourself—standing tall out in the open. You’re okay. Let’s look […]

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